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Welcome to Byron Bay Candles

  • When looking for wholesale homewares and gifts to retail online and in-store, Australian made products are increasingly popular with consumers.
  • With this in mind it makes sense to promote a range that is manufactured in Australia and also provides associated health benefits as well.
  • Our full range is hand-poured in Byron Bay’s industrial estate which includes pure soy scented candles and reed diffusers with clean, non-toxic infusions to support health and wellbeing.
  • You can select aromas made with 100% pure essential oils or a combination of essential oils mixed with fragrance (perfume) oils. Either way, all our scents are infused in 100% PURE SOY WAX.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘pure soy wax’ it refers to the fact that we do not use a ‘soy blend’ in our candle making processes to disguise the use of inferior waxes.
  • ‘Paraffin wax’ is commonly disguised in soy wax blends primarily because it’s cheaper than pure soy wax and provides scent throw benefits.
  • However, Paraffin wax is derived from petrochemicals and can trigger allergic reactions in people with sensitivities.
  • Every aroma is intentionally combined by our aromatherapist or artisan perfumer to trigger your sense of smell as a natural way to uplift emotions and invoke feelings of harmony and happiness.

Environmental Benefits

  • Minimising waste bears a lot of weight in what we choose to produce at Byron Bay Candles. So both our candles and reed diffuser ranges have refill options for you to encourage your customers to re-use and recycle their empty jars.
  • Not only does this support responsible consumption and production to protect our natural environment but your customers save $10 on every refill purchase and it also keeps them returning to your store more often as they burn through their candles faster when they know they can refill them.

Family owned & operated

My name is Annemarie Dove and my husband Christopher and I run the day to day operations of Byron Bay Candles. We are passionate about sustainable manufacturing in Australia and providing employment opportunities for local residents.
Each day we are so appreciative to be living in this region and for the ongoing support we receive from local businesses and the Byron Bay community at large.


Product Details

There are three candle sizes in our range:

  • A large 50 hour gift boxed scented candle (16 aromas to select from)
  • Small 18 hour scented candle that is unboxed. If you do require a gift box for postage purposes we can supply you with a white, unbranded gift box (additional cost applies)
  • additional 30 hour gift boxed scented candle size which is made to order. Minimum order quantity on 24 with stepped price points for greater quantities. This size candle is ideal for hamper and gift giving providers. We don’t advertise a recommended retail price for our 30 hour candles as we don’t have them available for individual sale.
  • Candle dimensions:
    • Large 50 hour Scented Candle: 
      • jar with timber lid dimensions are 85mm x 85mm x 105mmH
      • box dimensions are 95mm x 95mm x 120mmH
      • candle wax weight: 285gm, with jar, lid and box: 765gm
      • ideal size for use in a medium to large rooms
    • Small 18 hour Scented Candle:
      • jar with timber lid dimensions: 55mmW x 70mmH – unboxed
      • weight with the jar & timber lid: 175g
      • 18 hour burn time
      • unboxed
    • Medium 30 hour Scented Candle:
      • jar dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 85mmH
      • gift box dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 95mmH
      • candle wax weight: 160g,
      • weight with jar, lid and box: 410g
      • 30 hour burn time
  • There are 16 aromas in our range to select from
  • choose from 12 x fragance blends or
  • 5 x 100% pure essential oil blends
  • click here to open our scent guide
  • click here if you would like to order FREE scent tester cards to sample the aromas in our range.
  • As all our candle jars are completed with a timber lid we can offer you personalised branding option by laser engraving the lids with a brand or message to promote your organisation.
  • The larger the quantity the lower the price so if this is of interest please reach out through the form below and we’ll get back to you with our pricing table on quantity orders. 
  • While we do provide our signature scents under the Byron Bay Candles brand we are able to custom pour candles for other organisations when you provide us with your own signature scent. For further details on this service, please reach out below.
  • NB: by providing you with candle refills your branded lids become permanent fixtures in your recipients home or workplace.
  • Your orders are forwarded to you with Star Track Freight
  • All orders are processed within 24-48 hours of receiving your order payment (additional time is required for custom orders)
  • Freight lead times can be provided on request.

Retail Price Guide

Please reach out!

  • If you are interested in finding out more about stocking the Byron Bay Candles range then we invite you to fill in your details below.
  • We’ll then promptly reply via email with a response to your questions
  • Along with the wholesale pricing information to help you get started with your first order.
  • Please note: we do take into consideration your location and store type if we have an existing stockist in close proximity to your location (we encourage you to reach out anyway to discuss your particular circumstances and one of our friendly team members will be in touch).
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