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How to refill your Byron Bay Candles’ candle jar

Re-use, Recycle and Refill your Byron Bay Candles’ printed candle jar…

See below for how to reuse your Byron Bay Candles glass candle jar with our NEW candle refills –

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  1. With approx. 5mm of wax remaining, soak your Byron Bay Candles printed, glass jar in hot soapy water (jar pictured below). Agitate any remaining wax and the metal wick tab until it dislodges; then dispose
  2. Wash jar until clean and wipe dry (pure soy wax is soluble in warm water)
  3. Remove new wax refill from all packaging and peel tape cover from bottom wick tab.
  4. Insert refill in to glass jar
  5. Light wick and burn candle until melt pool reaches edge of jar. This ensures an even burn and will prevent a cavity from forming.
  6. Enjoy hours of ambient pleasure.
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