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Why us?
  • Byron Bay Candles is located in Byron Bay’s industrial estate so we can hand-pour pure soy scented candles and reed diffusers with only clean, non-toxic infusions to support yours and your family’s health.
  • Each aroma is intentionally combined to trigger your sense of smell as a natural way to uplift your emotions with feelings of harmony, happiness  and a sense of wellbeing.
  • The simple process of inhaling a pleasing aroma will positively impact your mood.
  • And by diming the lights and lighting candles you create a relaxing ambience as the gentle flicker of candle light calms your senses.

Creating a Moment for You

That cares for the environment too

Minimising waste bears a lot of weight in what we choose to produce at
Byron Bay Candles.
So both our candles and reed diffuser ranges have refill options for you to re-use and recycle your empty jars. Click on the video demonstrations below to see how easy
it is for you to –
support responsible consumption and production
protect our natural environmental for future generations.



Find out ...

What Scents do you resonate with?

Discover which scents uplift and balance your emotions by opening our scent guide below.
Then once you have narrowed down your selection you can order free scent tester cards to sample.

What we love most is knowing the positive impact we provide. Please reach out with suggestions for how we can serve you better!

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